Dicken Schrader & His Cover Band-DMK Do Depeche Mode’s, Everything Counts (Dad & His Kids)

20 Nov

This great little video came to via one of my colleagues. All I can say about it is that brought a warm feeling to my heart and a big whopping smile too. You can bet I’m going home and sharing this with my 2 sons tonight. The fact that this was done with a few toy bits and some improvisation makes it all the more endearing to me. Anyway, its a super awesome little performance that should inspire the cynic in all of us. Don’t lie! You know it will Enjoy…

From dailypicksandflicks.com:
Colombian video artist Dicken Schrader and his kids, Milah and Korben, cover Depeche Mode’s Everything Counts on a xylophone, an old Yamaha keyboard and a bunch of homemade improvised instruments. The best thing you will see today, guaranteed!

Also check out another one by the same trio below. This one is chock full black regalia and some Gothic makeup too boot and a cool melodica performance too…

Is The Queen Is Dead The Greatest LP The Smiths Ever Made?

13 Nov

This past weekend I got to see my oldest and longest standing friend. He is my “brotha from another motha!“…that’s a long standing joke between us with a few dimensions, by the way! We laughed a lot. We ate some good Italian food at Brio in Las Vegas. We did some drinking and had an incredibly good time going through some of our current and all time favorite albums together. Between the two us we could fill an entire skyscraper with our music libraries and wide spanning musical taste! Needless to say, we had an amazing time together. Too bad our time together was so short though.

The Smiths naturally always make it into our conversations. You see The Smiths are one of the bands that heavily influenced us during our youth. Our youth filled memories had quite a lot of The Smiths as a soundtrack and therefore not a band we could ever forget. The truth is, I don’t recall a single time when the subject of Morrisey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce or The Smiths haven’t entered into a least one of our conversations.

That said, I was taken a back to discover that my good friend doesn’t list The Queen Is Dead as one the greatest Smiths albums. We brought up recordings like Louder Than Bombs, but that is a greatest hits/compilation of sorts. So, doesn’t count! He never quite gave me his choice though. Still, the prospect of it not being their best has caused me wonder if not The Queen Is Dead then which album then would be considered a better choice.

The Smiths

Exhibit A:

Track Listing

1. “The Queen Is Dead”
2. “Frankly, Mr. Shankly”
3. “I Know It’s Over”
4. “Never Had No One Ever”
5. “Cemetry Gates”
6. “Bigmouth Strikes Again”
7. “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side”
8. “Vicar in a Tutu”
9. “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out”
10. “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”

Leave your comments below and let me know what you think. This mind wants to know!

CDR Berlin Workshop With Mouse On Mars

8 Nov

These gentlemen are great artist with a prolific portfolio of electronic music. This is a great video and there is lots of electronic goodness discussed in this video. There is plenty of the Mouse On Mars studio for all of you too. Enjoy!

Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner let us know what they have been doing for the past 20 years together on October 10th at CDR Berlin.

More here: cdr-projects.com

Japanese Techno Girl Loves Roland TB-303, TR-707 & RE-201

29 Oct

Its simple Techno but one can’t help but watch all the lovely electronic gear and appreciate the organization, deliberate gestures, and the overall presentation of it all. All that classic Japanese gear in one video is juicy good.

We’re always fans of girls with synthesizers. Japanese girls with synthesizers get extra points. Enjoy!

Thomas Dolby – The Invisible Lighthouse US Tour Trailer (w/ Live Foley SFX) 2013

18 Oct

I will be seeing Thomas Dolby once again at the Rio Theater in Vancouver, BC. He was great the last time and I’m sure this tour will be no different. In other words, its going to be great show! Looking forward to that VIP experience too. Check this out…

A trailer for the upcoming live performance US tour by Thomas Dolby, playing and narrating the soundtrack to his self-made film debut The Invisible Lighthouse, with special guest Blake Leyh on live Foley sound effects.

I’m liking this teaser video of this upcoming tour!

Make sure to read more here and here too.

The Artie Lange Show – Thomas Dolby — Excerpt from “The Invisible Lighthouse (Medley)”


Etienne De Crécy Talks Live Setup (Inside the Cube)

5 Sep

Etienne De Crécy -Beats N Cubes Studio Tutorial: A Presentation of the Gear Etienne De Crécy uses inside The Cube.

This is a great little overview of his set-up. Filled with fx routing, foot controllers, layering and lots of synthesizer goodness for you to enjoy. And yes, that machine is indeed magic!

LEVpodcast featuring Robert Lippok LIVE (L.E.V. 2012)

4 Sep

Check out this live performance of Robert Lippok (of To Rococo Rot fame) live at L.E.V.(Laboratory of Visual Electronica) Festival. This was recorded in 2012.

Take a listen and if you are a fan of Robert Lippok like I most certainly am, you will enjoy this.

You will more than likely recognize many of these tracks. The performance starts out with a version of Unfold from his Redspuperstructure LP(2011) and builds from there. You can definitely hear the Yamaha Tenori-On on there. Enjoy!

Total running time: 51:21

About L.E.V.
Stands for Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual or, in English, Laboratory of Visual Electronica, is a project that tries to show a panoramic, eclectic and qualitative vision of the ample spectrum of current genres that come from connecting visual arts and electronic music.

A physical and ephemeral space, concerned specifically with four themes: the natural synergy between image and sound, the live presentation, the relationship established between audience, artist connection and public space, and the new artistic tendencies that constantly emerge on a global level.

L.E.V., co-produced by Principado de Asturias Goverment, LABoral’s Centre of Art and Industrial Creation and Datatron 0x3F, honors by its acronym to Lev Thermen.

For more on L.E.V. go here.


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