The Past, Present, and Future of Tonite: Peter Hecher Talks About His Popular Synth Label

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Peter Hecher, also known as PH Groove, is the founder of Tonite Records. Photo Credit: Hecher. Peter Hecher, also known as PH Groove, is the founder of Tonite Records. He’s seen here in his studio in Vancouver. Photo Credit: Hecher.

Tonite Records founder Peter Hecher recently talked to Vehlinggo about the founding of the label — and sister label Lunar Boogie — along with how he met FM Attack and his connection to fellow Canadian retrosynther Miami Nights 1984. Of course, he also addressed the question at the forefront of everyone’s minds: What’s next?

I’ve long been fascinated by Tonite Records, sister label Lunar Boogie, and the individual artists in either organization.

I fondly remember the opening synthesizers on 2010’s Astrowave EP, released five years ago on Tonite by Shawn “FM Attack” Ward. Label founder Peter Hecher’s solo project, PH Groove, has put out some great work, such as last year’s “Arcade Feel.” And, of course, there is FM Attack’s masterpiece album Deja Vu, which is…

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Loscil: Sea Island (Ambient Goodness)

I have been playing this all day. Sea Island sounds fantastic coming out of my KRK monitors. This is a great soundtrack to this odd weather we’re having here in Vancouver. Scattered showers & sporadic patches of Sun never had it so good. Future Music gave this album a 9 out of 10 and I think they got it spot on this time. This ambient Vancouver native delivers all the goods and more with this Kranky Records release-Sea Island.

cover_art_Loscil_Sea Island

Leafcutter John Talks Maria In The Forest (Pro-Tools & Field Recordings)

Leafcutter John has been involved with so many wonderful projects over the years. I first became an admirer of his music after listening to his agoraphobia inspired album-The Housebound Spirit. However, it was The Forest and the Sea where I think he started coming into his own with a unique blend of experimental sounds and electro-acoustic soundscapes.

There are a few other videos related to this one below (not posted here). In one of the other videos he discusses one of his Cycling 74-Max/MSP patches. In the other video he shows us his gaming controllers MIDI modified which he uses to trigger samples within MAX/MSP. He has used lots of his controllers with the jazz quintet-Polar Bear.

I’m posting this 2006 video for some of my friends and colleagues. I’ve referenced it several times. I haven’t seen it online, so, I figured it needed to be shared.

In this video he gives us a track by track breakdown of his song entitled, Maria In The Forest. Using field recordings and modified instruments, the track is filled with beautiful sounds throughout.


For more on Leafcutter John visit his website here.

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