The Big Pink, A Place To Bury Strangers, Never Listen To Friends About ETA’s For Opening Bands.

Got to see The Big Pink last night. I was really hoping to see A Place To Bury Strangers, but with doors opening at 7pm, I missed them. One of the bartenders told me they were loud! He didn’t seem to have enjoyed it. All the while I thought, bummer, I missed that! I’ve been really into fx pedals lately. Last night there was no shortage of pedals. I’ll have to remember to post some of them in Synthesizer Candy from my iPhone. The wall of sound was impressive.

The show closed with The Big Pink playing their popular song, Dominos. The show was over by 10pm! Horrible! Yep, it was an early night. Actually they just want the concert goers out so they can get the club-goers in. It’s always amusing to me to walk out of a show and see people in their club regalia.

Aah yes, one of my favorite things about Vancouver nightlife is the busking though. We got to see some good buskers at the train station that night. Good times.


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