Vince Clarke, Synthesizer Packed Studio Workshop,The Cabin


Talk about visual synthesizer candy.  Check out his studio. It’s packed with some of the most delicious synthesizers ever made. It’s Vince Clarke for heavens sake!

Vince Clarke is an icon of considerable importance to music made with synthesizers.  His influence on me is undeniable and the list of other artist he has probably influenced is infinite.  His work with Yazoo (Yaz in the US), Erasure & Depeche Mode has stood the test of time in both pop sensiblity, and his knack for creating beautiful synthpop using transistors and voltage controlled oscillators. Vince Clarke has been inspiring producers of synthesizer music, everywhere.

During the 1990’s he had a rule of no samples, no MIDI, and I believe he even shunned the word “pad” during this period of his work. Whatever the formula, it worked and has solidified him in my short list of influences. His departure from Depeche Mode would help create another iconic figure for me, with Alan Wilder.

In this video he talks about his new studio in Portland, Maine, a long list of vintage synthesizers, and many things he’s talked about before, but it never gets old to hear, read or think about Vince Clarke in terms of the synthesizer and his music. He also has an incredible sense of humor.



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