This is Coil. Musick To Play In The Dark. Always Worth Seeing.

Peep the synthesizers that Sleazy Christopherson has at these shows.  I saw a Nord Modular, Nord Lead, EMS Synthi, I think even saw a Roland D-50 in there!

I’ve been on a Coil kick lately and I don’t care what anyone says, pure genius. From the moment Are You Shivering kicks in, I remember why I always keep coming back for more Coil. Great music to pass an intense wind storm to last night, by the way.

I think in my list of people I would collaborate with, Peter Sleazy Christopherson would be pretty high up there. John Balance always reminded me(just a wee bit!) of Barry Andrews of Shriekback. I think its just that low baritone sound in the voice that makes it.


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