Aphex Twin live at Metz, France, Richard D. James

I’ve always liked the music or Richard D. James AKA Aphex Twin, AKA Polygon Window, AKA (…insert moniker here). Looks like he is stripping things down a bit lately. Found this video on xlr8r.com. Check it out. I’m not sure if he is still modifying all of his synthesizers, fx, and everything with an electronic circuit, but always look forward to hearing more from this, er,… friendly (hahahahha!) bloke. You know you’ve heard the rumors.

From xlr8r.com…

So, a few clips on YouTube surfaced yesterday of a recent DJ set performed in Metz, France by Lord Richard D. James, which were purported to contain possible new tracks from the electronic music mastermind. At first we were skeptical of the videos, as it’s a bit baffling how the videographer was able to capture such pristine audio while his video quality looks no better than that of a phone’s camera, but after a few close inspections, the clips seem totally legit. The music blaring from the soundsystem at James’ massive gig sounds less like his Aphex Twin moniker and more like his acid-toting work under the name AFX or even The Tuss (we’re sure that was him, right?). If these are in fact new jams from the dance music kingpin, consider us that much more excited for his next release. Check out one of the six videos from James’ Metz performance, and a few tour dates, below. (Patrick Fallon)


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