Tip Top Boss by Chris Carter (Giving the Boss DR-220E Dr. Rhythm, the Treatment)

I’ve been listening to TG, Chris & Cosey and Coil for a very long time. I consider both their individual and collective output to be quite prolific. This makes for lots of hunting and research, which I really like doing. I’ve purchased their music in record shops, online, in places like eBay and in used bins. I’ve been greedily consuming as much of their collective output as I can over the years, and still I feel I come up short as I find new material to keep me interested in them.

Chris Carter makes for such a great subject to research. His multiple blogs, flickr pages and videos provide great snapshots into their gear, thinking, and the cabal like world they seem to exist in! In the next short while I will be posting more of what I find on TG and its exponenets, and my thoughts on these great artist: Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Sleazy Peter Christopherson and Genesis P. Orridge. I’m not sure that all the words that I am writing outside of this blog will help their cause. However, if I can help fans of their music learn a little more about them, I will take great satisfaction in that. I think Simon Ford’s book Wreckers of Civilization is great place to start. It was for me and now I just can’t get enough of this group. They make for great subjects to study. I also think Drew Daniel’ book about 20 Jazz Funk Greats was a good read.

In recent months Chris Carter, Chris and Cosey, have re-released and I think remastered some of their LP’s on vinyl. Recently I picked up Chris Carters The Space Between. Not the entire LP, but some of the best tracks from that album. I also picked up Chris and Cosey’s Trance and Heartbeat LP’s. I mostly download music. I’m not a vinyl die-hard. Nonetheless, there are certain artist, that I must have something physical to hold onto, and so I jumped at the chance to purchase these records. The liner notes, with the newspaper clippings, was worth the purchase of the records. You just don’t get that with downloads yet. I also recently re-purchased Disobedient from iTunes. I’ve been playing this one for days.

As you can imagine I am enjoying myself with all of this great music. So, for now here is a track I absolutely love. I heard this on SoundCloud and just wanted to share it. Here is a little video clip and some of the gear used for the track Carter put together, using some of his Tip Top modules. He is using things like the Z8000 analog sequencer to modulate and just mangle the heck out of the sound. I love it. I don’t know what this track will become for Chris, but I wanted to share it here.

Description from Chris’s page on Vimeo…

“This is basically just a TipTop Z8000 sequencer controlling a Z-DSP module, a Z2040 VCF & a Z5000 VCDSP module. The audio source is a Boss DR-220E Dr.Rhythm, which is also triggering the Z8000 sequencer from its programmable Trig output. Other modules used were a MFB Dual LFO- to change the direction of the sequencer and a Doepfer Dual VCA modulated by two Doepfer VCOs to add a little ring-mod’ish timbre.”

Full clip on Chris’s page at SoundCloud:


One thought on “Tip Top Boss by Chris Carter (Giving the Boss DR-220E Dr. Rhythm, the Treatment)

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks so much for posting this. I honestly don’t know what to say other than I am really flattered by your comments.

    All the best to you

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