“Straitjacket Joker” Invades Studio, Gets Busy With Drones & Tone Generators

I’ve been head deep in Logic for a few weeks. I finally found a DAW that I can hang my hat on. Things were going well, then today it got a little dicey. To break up my head-space Straitjacket Joker invaded the studio. He got busy throwing down some drones, noise, and just intimidating people with his deranged self. He even wrangled with some tone generators and pedals.

Actually, the real deal is I purchased Straitjacket Joker as part of a box set with Batman, Robin and I think the Penguin. I was in New York spending a few days at some online conference. It was at the beautiful Gotham Hall.  At some point I must have been inspired by all of the Gothic undertones and went to Time Square in search of some toys for my son.  I love going to that FAO Schwartz every time I’m there. I miss the one in Las Vegas. It’s no longer at the Forum Shops. The Trojan horse that was there was incredible. I guess people really do go there to gamble instead of shop!

My son loved all of them (he was 3 then), but was mortified by this Joker for some reason! So, I kept em in the basement studio with me. Someone found it tucked away on a shelf sometime last week. So, its been by my monitors for about a week. The day this picture is taken, my son came up to me and said he was no longer scared of the Joker. I had forgotten it scared him at all, since a few years have passed.

He suggested we play with The Joker. These pictures are just about that, and the fun I have living vicariously through him. We had a good time taking a bunch of pictures on all sorts of instruments and in some compromising positions.  He is in a straitjacket you know!

Also, I was thinking about whether I had any pictures of synthesizers with animals, but we don’t have any pets except; a rowdy toddler and cultivated little 1st grader. Instead of pictures of synthesizers with cats, you get…Straitjacket Joker!…I know plastic toys work well with synthesizers too.

Eventually, he would get bored. Then, asked if he could have some popcorn and watch a movie, The Sandlot was his choice! I complied. I went back to my Logic tutorials. The movie ended and then he wanted to play catch and throw a Baseball. Really, it was an and excuse to throw some of the movies one liners at me and throw his “heater” pitch at me! We played for over an hour in the backyard.

Once the rare sunset of Fall in the northwest went down, we made our way back in the house. As he was taking off his sweater, he would say to everyone in sight…

“What a great day that was!”

Straitjacket Joker, even though you are a deranged lunatic, I thank you! That was fun.

Straitjacket Joker Taking Over The Studio 2_ The Synthesizer Book

Straitjacket Joker Taking Over The Studio 1_ The Synthesizer Book





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