Flying Lotus, Vancouver Olympics 2010 @ Gossip, February 16th

I had a great time during the Olympics. Having it in town made for some really good times and I will never forget the euphoria I felt often during the event. This picture was taken at the Gossip nightclub. That week they featured artist and DJ’s from all over the world. This night was USA night. I wore my Ralph Lauren USA Polo and rocked it with style. I think I was in the minority that night! A few of my friends were working on the Olympics in various capacities. One of them was an interpreter for an Italian sports journalist. So, we hung out with him too. At some point I remember we were mingling with the Red Bull Academy folks. Their area was just off of the stage. I believe Red Bull and Heineken were the sponsors of the event. That’s where this photo was taken from.

There were 2 very distinct things I remember from that night.

I remember talking to someone from Red Bull about synthesizers. At some point we got on the subject of Mark Ronson. This person had talked to Ronson about producing Duran Duran, while he was in London for some event for the Red Bull Academy. He had mentioned that Ronson had developed a new passion for vintage synthesizers. What a great conversation that was. I wish I would’ve remembered the persons name now.

The other thing I distinctly remember is this guy standing right in front of the PA with his head pointed toward the sub-woofer. Man, my ears hurt just watching this guy. I think I tweeted something about it too. It was very odd. The rest of that evening is a blur. This was one of those nights out, where we were up till early hours of the morning!


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