The Weekly LP & Singles Platter, Please!

This is the weekly installment where we recap what we’ve been spinning at The Synthesizer Book headquarters during the week. If its on this list, it got played more than once!

1. Chris Watson – Stepping Into the Dark
My son found an old Minidisc recorder I had laying around and inquired about it. I use it for some low budget field recording. I had a pair of bin aural microphones too. He was really interested. That day we went to the local park and did some field recording. Later in the day, I purchased this recording from Chris Watson on iTunes. Yeah, this is a great place to start, I thought. It was a truly great day to be a father, I thought. I also walked him through my collection of Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner’s work. Hard to beat the sounds of Embleton Rookery, for a boy! It’s not far fetched to say he loved this.

2. Chris & Cosey – Songs of Love and Lust
I’ve said it a few times recently, but they make for such great subjects to research. This is really great music, along with all of their other remasters. Seek them out. They’re all good albums. CC’s synthesizer work is always impeccable and its mostly all modded and handmade electronics. If you want other perspectives on what pioneers of synthesizers were doing in the early 1980’s, this a good place to start.

3. Trentemøller – Into the Great Wide Yonder
I read about him in an issue of Future Music. So, I had to check it out. It’s a great album. He made this at night and annoyed his downstairs neighbor apparently. He did most of the recording in Ableton Live with some hardware and lots of plug-ins. The recording is well done and from the moment I heard Sycamore Feeling it became of one my favorites for the week. Still, there is much more here and I really like its moodiness throughout. Yes, yes, yes I like the slower tempos.

4. Nico – Desertshore
It’s got Harmonium, very little percussion, some piano, but its a brilliant album. I’ll have to thank that Threshold Boy for being such a taste-maker. It was recorded in 1970. It’s got Nico of Velvet Underground, and that’s all I think I need to say right now!

5. X-TG – XPad & XVox (taken from recent X-TG performances)
Throbbing Gristle is no longer. That shouldn’t stop the other 3 remaining members from collaborating. So, thus, you get X-TG. These are free recordings that you can get at their site. They were recorded live and are worthy of the download and repeated listens.

6. Telefon Tel Aviv -Lengthening Shadows
Great track from Eustis. Read my review in Profiles.

7. Chris Carter -Disobedient
See above and you’ll get the picture. More electronic brilliance.

8. Forbidden Planets -Music From the Pioneers of Electronic Sound
A couple of years back I was reading Invisible Jukebox in Wire magazine. Peter Christopherson was asked about some music. It’s always great to see what inspired your music heroes. So, from time to time, I bring this out and play it. Thanks Sleazy.

9. Dean & Britta – Back Numbers
If it wasn’t for Yo Gabba Gabba! I wouldn’t have learned about these ex Luna members, and this band. They did a track on there and both of my sons really liked the segment. Great LP and even better is YGG making mini-hipsters of my boys. Good times.

10. The Bug – Skeng (Autechre Dub)
Got this at too. A bug, Autechre and Dub. I mean, why not, right?!


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