Simian Mobile Disco, Doepfer Modular, Korg MS-20, Vancouver, a Venue

Simian Mobile Disco at Venue in Vancouver was a very memorable show for me. I like that Venue joint. One thing I wish they did though. They need to remove those lights/rafters over the dance-floor for shows. Or invest in something that you can lift up to the ceiling for heavens sake. Most of the good views are obstructed and its a crying shame, as Venue has the potential to be a nice place to go see lots of gigs. I took this one from the stairs on the side of the stage. Their lights were incredible, if you get my drift!

SMD are amazing live and I would see them again. Makes me wish I had my SLR. They had that circular table, with the Doepfer Modular and the Korg MS20, a bunch of pedal fx too. Tuesday, December 01, 2009 was the date this was taken. I had an early meeting the next day! I remember that evening well, believe it or not! The show was promoted by Sealed With a Kiss. The final encore was a big feedback induced mix of Korg MS20 and the Doepfer modular, with massive distortion. Brilliant. It was a bit mind blowing at the time too.


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