Four Tet, Biltmore, Vancouver 2010

The images below were taken on Wednesday the 24th, February 2010. This was earlier in the year so my memory is vague. It was at the Biltmore Hotel Cabaret. Great place for live music. For those of you that know Vancouver, it was probably a rainy night and damn cold. For those of you that suffer harsher colds, I feel for ya! This was a school night! We were probably more interested in our late night dinner. Would we go Vegan or a Dougie hot dog? In that order, on that night! No, I’m not Vegan, though every once in a while, its a great option. If you frequent Granville, or live in the Couv, you know what I mean.

I did purchase There is Love in You, the album this tour was in support of. Come to think of it, it’s probably the reason I went to the show. I’ve been listening to Four Tet for a very long time. I remember I purchased Dialogue and Pause from the Tower Records on University Street, in the U-District of Seattle. I think that record shop is another story of the past. Thank heavens for Easy Street Records though. I also always remember that Sound on Sound interview Kieran Hebden did for Rounds. It was my in-flight reading, transcontinental. Yeah, a book would’ve been better, but that issue had some really good content. I think Goldfrapp was in there as well.

His laptop creations have been incorrectly tagged Folktronica over the years, but likely, more, a lazy classification. His music is difficult to classify and that is what usually happens to good original music. A Radiohead favorite early on. He would tour with them. Four Tet has gone on to achieve noteworthy music and his collaborations always bring something new to the mix. Check out anything that Kieran Hebden has done with Fridge too. They are a great electronic trio. The Sun got some heavy play-time. Adem’s Homesongs, with its minimalistic arrangement, manages to make homemade music with a guitar, toys laying about, and the electronics offered by his computer.

That Four Tet has moved onto a more dance oriented sound for There is Love in You, should come as no surprise. He had been DJ-ing a lot and that is always bound to impact the creative process. His Rounds album was a great reminder of my time in Munich some years back. From beer garden to autobahn, Rounds was there with me. Great summer that was.

Yeah, okay, here are the photographs…


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