Bonobo, SOLD OUT show, Rickshaw, Vancouver! (2010)

Simon Green aka Bonobo delivered what I believe to be a very stupendous performance. One of my favorite of the year and perhaps the last one I will see in 2010. Unless, I missed something in the weekly! In which case, I take that back.

Green was not alone for this occasion. This was the last stop in his North American tour. Armed with horn section, live drums, Rhodes piano and an assortment of other electronic goodies, Bonobo delivered more, far more, than we are all expecting. The Rickshaw was at full capacity last night. The energy was infective and the sound just seems to work at the Rickshaw for all the shows I’ve seen there. Nice work sound crew. I did spot Simon Green on a Jen synthesizer a couple of times. What was more impressive, was the Gibson Thunderbird bass he used for most of the show. Great grooves for sure. Occasionally, he played some parts on the Rhodes and even the Korg MicroKorg synthesizer. At one point, I counted 8 musicians onstage. Yeah, it was a musical chair affair, with everyone changing instruments in between songs. It felt like a jam session that we all got invited to watch. Loved it.

I’ve seen some very good shows this year. Many of which I will post up in the iPhone Photo Chronicles soon. This one stands out for its vibe, soulful vocals and a horn section that brought smiles to my face on many an occasion throughout the night. I’ve always relished the use of electronics, mixed with things like Clarinet. Right now, I think about the only thing that would’ve topped this performance, would’ve been to see X-TG perform. I’ve been thinking about Sleazy, Chris, and Cosey quite a bit this week.

One big question though…When did Pabst Blue Ribbon become so chic?…$5 a beer? I remember when they were 12 for $3. I guess we’ll have to thank Mr. David Lynch and his Blue Velvet for that one!

Thank you to the merchandising manager,…adorable! Thanks to PM for the tickets. Well done. Thanks to Karen (or is it Sarah?!),…what a motley crew you had to put up with. Thanks to Jake & even the Buddhaholic. A couple of the pictures below were taken by Buddhaholic. He was boasting about his new iPhone 4. So, I figured I’d get him to take some pics for us. Not too shabby.


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