Flower Electronics Little Boy Blue Synthesizer & FM3 Buddha Machine

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Flower Electronics LBB synthesizer. I’ve used it in all sorts of ways, but this week I was really into the differences in sound I got just making subtle changes to the main output, mix & the frequency of the oscillators. I’ve been making slight tweaks when running other things through its input while keeping a static patch instead of changing the patch points as is customary. I sort of went through that phase before recording the video. I guess I’ve just been sort of using it the way I use the King Capitol Punishment Sleepdrone 5. I keep it simple and look for texture.

Here are a couple of videos of the FM3 Buddha Machine being processed through the Little Boy Blue and its oscillator is running too, with minimal tweaks in real-time. The second video is just some noodling while I keep looking for something to fill in a couple of bars in a track I am working on.

I’ve been reading quite a bit about Jessica Rylan. Her ideas on noise and chaos have been especially appealing to me. Now, after some research, I see what was behind some of her inspiration for the building of the Little Boy Blue synthesizer.

I wish I could’ve run one of the TG Gristleism through its input, but I still haven’t made the output modification or the LFO update from Asmo. I will get to that soon.

I’m definitely intrigued with her Jealous Heart synthesizer.


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