Tiki, Cocktail, Modular Synthesizer, Anyone?…Square Waves (Vancouver) 2010

It was my first time attending the Square Waves Electronic Music Festival. A very good friend of mine had stumbled across some PR for the event and made me aware of it. So, with some dehydration from the Christmas party the night before, I made my way down to the Waldorf Hotel for the Modular Synthesizer Symposium portion of the festival. The setting outside was overcast and rainy. The inside seemed like it was presenting a much better opportunity! The Waldorf, with its newly refurbished hotel, cafe and dining room, set the tone nicely. The new futuristic accents meets 1940’s architecture, made for the perfect background to the event. The actual event took place downstairs in the classic Tiki Bar. Fantastic!

I had some great conversations with many of the presenters that day. I had an especially good time talking to Joshua Stevenson of Otic Sound. More on him later this week.

I learned a few things. I had a couple of pints. I marveled at the fantastic attendance. Most of all, it was quite encouraging for me to meet so many local artists, synthesists, and people interested in building their own instruments and creating new sounds with modular synthesizers. In the coming weeks, I will talk about some of the presentations and presenters for the Profiles section.

Here are a few pictures we have up on our Flickr page.

Joshua Stevenson of Otic Sound with his EMS Synthi “A” and rig! (Thanks for letting me covet the EMS Synthi!)
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

Tiki, Cocktail, Modular Synthesizer, anyone?
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

Christopher Rooney (Buchla 200e Modular Synthesizer)
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

The Shadows Are On Your Side…Danjel of Intellijel (Vancouver modular synth manufacturer)
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

The Harvestman (Seattle based modular synth manufacturer)
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

Mark Sims (Synthesizers.com Modular)
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

Dave Leith (Serge Modular)
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

Flight of Harmony (Seattle based modular synth manufacturer) demonstrating their “Infernal Noise Machine”
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

The Host…Andrew Short (MacBeth modular)
2010 Square Waves_Synthesizerbook.com

From Square Waves website:
“SquareWaves Electronic Music Festival is an annual grassroots event based in Vancouver.

Organized by contributing electronic music practitioners and interdisciplinary artists, the festival debuts an eclectic variety of works featuring new music performance and experimental multi-media collaborations.

This year’s festival will be a two-day event with evening performances and a modular synthesizer symposium.”

What a great event. I look forward to hearing more about Square Waves and all their intended “Happenings.”


One thought on “Tiki, Cocktail, Modular Synthesizer, Anyone?…Square Waves (Vancouver) 2010

  1. Great photos and write up.

    I noticed your blog about Sleazy and I was thinking that some kind of TG/Coil musical tribute would be fun and interesting. Let me know if you would like to get involved.

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