Bugbrand Weevil08, Lo-fi Oscillators, Filter & Ring Modulation

I was going through the classified’s one morning and found this little beauty for sale. It was about a 45 minute drive away…and throw in Friday traffic, I can see why it wasn’t swept up quicker. My gain I guess. So, I’m not complaining.

I’ve had it for a couple of days and am totally into it. The low and high range features for the oscillators, filter and of course the starve and filter, make it a solid option for live experimentation. There is plenty of chaos within, but its got, as Bugbrand suggest, some repeatability. In other words, it’s easy to reproduce some settings for reference points. It’s not always 100% accurate, but that’s what we like it about it, isn’t it? One other minor thing I like about this is the battery being outside of the unit. I mean, if you have deal with batteries, its nice to able to get to the battery quickly. It’s a minor thing, but really liked that.

I got it a great bargain price and looking forward to using it in performance.

From the Bugbrand website:

The Weevil08 was released in February 2008.

Featuring: three lo-fi oscillators quasi-ringmodulated together, with PowerStarve, Filter, 9-point-TouchPlate and internal MiniAmp.

While the core Weevil circuitry is similar to the Postcard, the sonic results are quite different – for one, each Osc has a range switch for Hi tones or Lo clickety, and the output levels are much more stable due to a comparator circuit (don’t worry – there’s still loads of chaos within!). The combination of PowerStarve and responsive TouchPlate opens up a vast array of sounds that are played in a way unlike any other instrument. The internal MiniAmp is now a standard feature and gives a pretty different tone/response from the output jack. Plugging in a jack conveniently disconnects the internal MiniAmp.

This is a newly standardised version built with pro-PCBs for improved feel and replicatability, available in Green or Red with chunky knobs in a sprayed plastic case and running off a single 9V battery.

You can check the block diagram for details of the internal arrangement here



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