Suzanne Ciani, Leslie Mona-Mathus, Mitch Farber, Recording Seven Waves (1982)

Here are a few videos of Suzanne Ciani, Leslie Mona-Mathus (engineer) & Mitch Farber (arranger) during the recording of Seven Waves back in 1982. In these videos she is working on the track entitled Fifth Wave…and yep, you guessed it also happens to be the 5th track on the album.

In these videos you can see Suzanne using her New England Digital Synclavier, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, and in one corner, a Buchla 200 modular synthesizer. She even uses her voice box for some vocoder type vocals on this recording.

In an earlier post I talked a little about Leslie and the important role she played for Suzanne. Leslie told me that while she was working with Suzanne she was always around some of the best and cutting edge technology of the time. This video is proof. Around 1982, not many people can claim to have that type of arsenal in their studio.


Video Information:

Recording session for Suzanne Ciani’s first electronic album, Seven Waves,
released: 1982 Japanese Victor Co.; 1984 Atlantic Finnadar; 1988 Private Music, BMG Distribution; 1994 Seventh Wave.

Session took place at 40 Park Avenue home studio of Suzanne.

Leslie Mona-Mathus engineer and Mitch Farber, arranger.

Part 1-3


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