The Crystal Method Showing Off The Avid/M-Audio Venom Synthesizer (Always Some Humor, SK & KJ)

Check out my peeps from The Crystal Method showing off the Avid/M-Audio Venom Synthesizer. The audio is a little rough, but its my good friends doing it. I wanted to share,…. and yes it does look a little like a Star Wars Stormtrooper!…

One of the big reveals at NAMM 2011 has been the new Venom synthesizer from Avid / M-Audio. This is their first ever hardware synthesizer that was teased pretty hard before the show with video they released featuring Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of Crystal Method drooling over the “Storm Trooper” synth off camera. Check out the panel from NAMM with Scott and Ken talking about the Venom and even playing us some new tracks they used the synth. Scott even gets up and noodles on the patches for us. Good stuff!


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