Matmos, Moogfest & Bag of Weed For Roland SH-101 Synthesizer!

In this video Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt walk Keyboard Magazine’s interviewer through their setup. Check out the Roland V-Synth, various MIDI controllers, and a Roland SH-101 synthesizer which Schmidt states was purchased for the price of a bag of weed back in the early 1980’s. With inflation what it is today and the rise in price of vintage synths, I wonder how many bags it would take to purchase that Roland SH today. Enjoy!

Matmos is an experimental electronic music duo originally from San Francisco but now residing in Baltimore signed to the Matador Records label. M. C. (Martin) Schmidt and Drew Daniel are the core members, but they frequently include other artists on their records and in their performances, including notably J Lesser. Much of their work could be classified as a pop version of the musique concrète genre[citation needed]. The name Matmos refers to the seething lake of evil slime beneath the city Sogo in the 1968 film Barbarella. The name might also originate from Swedish, literally meaning “mashed food”. Some of you may remember them from their Björk remixes and as members of her backing band several tours back.


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