Duran Duran-Planet Earth (30th Year Anniversary)

I hadn’t reached puberty yet when this song hit the airwaves, but I remember it vividly. The first time I saw this video was on MTV. It was probably after school. That was my favorite pastime then. By the time we got MTV they were already playing many Duran Duran videos, but this was one of them and remained a constant favorite of mine.

Legend has it that when they recorded this video, John Taylor and Andy Taylor had forgotten their respective instruments. They would have to borrow a Rickenbacker 4003 bass and a Fender Telecaster guitar (see video). These were not the usual instruments they used around this era. So, trainspotters all over then and today have wondered about this change in instrumentation. Of course, using whatever was available on a set would become common practice especially when lip-syncing became the norm and not the exception. In an attempt to put on my Cliff Claven hat and provide you with some useless trivia, I hope I have shed some light on this very un-important fact!

Nick Rhodes did show up with his synthesizer that day, though. This would create in me a very long lustful affair for the synthesizer he used. I developed a mental lust that would last for many, many years. I’m still not sure whether this was healthy or not. I would eventually purchase one and I still own it today. The synthesizer in question is a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. One of the first synthesizers to be computer controlled, polyphonic and have the ability to store your own patches. These are quite common attributes today, but back then it was reserved for the super rich and artists with huge record labels backing them.

The Synthesizer Book-Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

Prophet 5 Synthesizer


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