Morton Subotnick at Transmediale 2011 (Live Excerpt)

Here is a very nice video of Morton Subotnick and company performing at Club Transmediale event on January 31st. You can see him performing with his Buchla 200e modular synthesizer, Ableton Live and various other MIDI controllers.

From Club Transmediale:
CTM.11 kicks off on the evening of January 31 with an exceptional concert in the beautiful premises of the HAU 1 theatre. Morton Subotnick, intermedia artist, electronic music pioneer and developer of one of the world’s first modular analogue synthesizers presents, in a German premiere, an all new piece in collaboration with Berlin video artist Lillevan. Performed live on stage by Subotnick, Lillevan and the Korean piano virtuoso SooJin Anjou, the piece titled “Silver Apples of the Moon Revisited” weaves together the various musical phases and techniques invented by Subotnick during his fifty years of explorative work. It draws connecting lines from the analogue past into the digital present, demonstrating the brilliant versatility and ingenuity of this outstanding artist.

For more information on this event click here.

Morton Subotnick – Buchla synthesizer, Ableton Live and human voice.
SooJin Anjou – Piano
Lillevan – Live Visuals


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