To Be Expected (1974) Featuring EMS VCS3 Synthesizer

From Youtube:
“To Be Expected” (1974) was the end-result of a whole series of movies: Psyche, Middeleeuwse Film, A Boy’s Ballad, Difficult Meeting in White Dress and more. All of them with the same subject: two people in a park or wood, standing, looking, having no physical or mental relation that can be clearly decided upon.

To Be Expected features Hannah van Boeschoten and Jan Lemair, and the title seems to point at the inevitable demise of their, already fragile, relationship.

The original soundtrack consists of the composition “Welcome Home, Satansboleet” opus 100 (1974), created with an EMS VCS 3 (the Synthi-A). A satansboleet, by the way, is a highly poisonous toadstool…
Hero Wouters-movie number 41.


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