A Solvent Demonstration: Roland CR-78 Drum Machine Vs. Moogerfooger FreqBox

Solvent is Jason Amm, a robot music composer, analog synthesizer fetishist, and co-founder of the renowned Suction Records label. I’ve always been an admirer of his music for several years now. A few years ago I purchased his collaboration with Thomas Sinclair. The album was entitled Musical Chairs and they recorded it under the moniker, Black Turtleneck. You can find out more about Black Turtleneck here.

You may also know about his Suction Records partner Gregory De Rocher. He performs under the name Lowfish. De Rocher, as you will want to know, is the very same guy John Foxx recently sited as an artist worth listening to. We want to know more.

I recently purchased Amm’s Loss For Words 7 inch single and his recent album entitled, Subject To Shift on vinyl. Like all good synthesizer fetishist, Amm list much of the gear used to make the album. Good stuff! He sites Depeche Mode, Soft Cell & The Human League as influences. I’ll be talking about his recent album in this weeks Weekly Platter. For now take a look at this video.

From Youtube:
Hello my name is Solvent, and I like my electro funky.

This funky little setup consists of a Roland CR-78 drum machine, a Moogerfooger FreqBox VCO, with some help from an MFB Urzwerg analog sequencer, and Ableton Live.

The CR-78 and Urzwerg are synced to Ableton’s midi clock. The CR-78 is going into the FreqBox’s audio input. Initially you hear the dry CR-78, but then I fade the mix, from 100% source to 100% VCO. The FB’s VCO pitch is being sequenced by the Urzwerg, while at the same time it is hard Sync’d to the CR-78’s audio signal. Then I bring in a audio loop of the same CR-78, recorded into Ableton just a few minutes before.

If you enjoy analog electronic music &/or gear demos, please be sure to check out my channel for more.

For more information on Solvent click here.

EDIT: Thanks to Jason Amm for the clarification. Changes made!


3 thoughts on “A Solvent Demonstration: Roland CR-78 Drum Machine Vs. Moogerfooger FreqBox

  1. this is Jason from Solvent here. thanks for the post and for the kind words. just wanted to point out that Thomas Sinclair from Black Turtleneck is not the guy behind Lowfish. Lowfish is Gregory De Rocher, and we run the Suction Records label together. Thomas Sinclair’s only other recorded output was a remix under his own name, and a single under the project name Slap Unmodified

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