Depeche Mode (with Alan Wilder) Performing Tora, Tora, Tora, On BBC

Here is a video I found featuring Depeche Mode on some BBC show. I’m not sure what year, but if I were to take a guess I’d say its circa 1981-1982. The Roland Jupiter 8 was released in 1981,…couldn’t be before. If anyone knows the exact show and year, please let us know. The only thing missing from the video is Vince Clarke! The audio on this is not spectacular, but its still worth a viewing.

In the video you can see Andy Fletcher on a Moog Source Monophonic synthesizer. I think that could be one of the first synthesizers to feature preset memory. Alan Wilder is playing the main parts on a Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer. Martin Gore is playing a PPG Wave 2 synthesizer and a mini Casio keyboard which he tagged with the words “fairlite.” I’m sure the budgets just weren’t that big around this time period. Then again, not many peoples budgets were that big when the Fairlight hit the market. If you’d like to do some more synthesizer fiendish exploration, check out this site here. Synthontour highlights the synthesizers Depeche Mode used during many of their tours. I think its fairly accurate and shows some great trainspotting technique from the authors!

From the BBC, this rendition sounds more like the original album version than it does in the band’s early live performances with Vince Clarke (see video response by Koffe). Enjoy!


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