KCP Sleepdrone 5 Vs. Moogerfooger FreqBox (Fight)

I like this video and the back-story on the crazy woman too. I haven’t gotten spectacular results out of my Sleepdrone 5 yet, but am encouraged when I see others getting some good results. Check it out.

This was originally 20 minutes long so I had to chop it up for You Tube. The Sleepdrone was my main sound source – its four oscillators modulated each other in interesting ways. That was fed into the FreqBox with its own oscillator which refused to play nice. I tamed the whole thing a bit with the Lowpass Filter but that was fed into the Ring Modulator which stirred up the insurgency all over again. That was fed into the Virus where I used its Phase Shifter. Roland SH-32 drums.

That’s a crazy woman at the train station in lower downtown Denver. she was coming up to people and saying all sorts of insane things. She approached me and began talking about her “private parts” and how they suffered when she didn’t follow a strict hygiene regimen. I was able to get some video before security escorted her out.

King Capitol Punishment


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