Slightly Blurry Days: Chris Carter Kickin It 90’s Style! (Synthesizer Candy)

Chris Carter, one of our all time favorite synthesizer fetishists, posted this photo on Flickr recently. In a bout of madness…we reckon, he cleaned out his studio of much of his massive gear collection back in 2007. If he’s anything like us, I’m sure he has some regrets.


From Chris Carter flickr page:
I found this rare (slightly blurry) shot of me using my modular system at our studio in the 1990s’. I’m not sure why there aren’t many photos covering that topic from that (from any?) period but it seems there aren’t.

In shot is my five unit hybrid Roland 100M system (it also contained self-built Digisound modules), an Atari ST computer, an EDP Wasp synth, a Roland SH101 synth, a Roland SPV355 synth (on top of the modular) and an oscilloscope. To my right can be seen part of our ‘video edit suite’ – a U-Matic video tape deck and a bunch of SVHS machines

For more Chris Carter synthesizer candy go here.


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