Synthesizer Candy: David Morley & His Massive Synthesizer Collection

I first learned about David Morley in an issue of Future Music magazine. FM had a series going at the time that focused on synthesizer collectors and their respective collections. Talk about some serious synthesizer candy. In these videos he says he has stripped things down a bit. Well, when you take a look at this, you’ll realize he must have had one massive collection. Take a look at his synthesizer collection now. Morley, what happened to all of those Buchlas?

Check out the ARP Odyssey, RA Moog Minimoog (1st 100 made), Oberheim Xpander, EMS VCS3, ARP2600 modular and Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synthesizers. Here too is another producer that mentions the Prophet 5 as a favorite polyphonic synthesizer. I feel lucky I have one! There is a rare Yamaha FM synth discussed. He says it was released just before the DX7. I’ve never heard about it, but I will find out more. He has a couple of drum machines too. The Roland R8 drum machine and the Akai MPC60 are discussed within. He offers up some anecdotes on the rare Serge modules and how they were built by students in the early 1970’s. Hippies made some darn great synthesizers. You’ll also be forgiven if you drool as he walks you through his Polyfusion modular. Finally, he talks about his involvement with the dsTEC OS-1 Original Syn – Synthesizer Module. A module that got some good reviews upon it’s release in 1999. You can read a review of the Original Syn here. The review was conducted by a Synthesizer Book favorite, Chris Carter. A review he conducted when he was a regular contributor to Sound on Sound magazine. What a small world we live in.

If you can find it, make sure you also check out a great album Morley was involved with as a collaborator and producer. He was heavily involved in the production on Andrea Parker’s debut album, Kiss My ARP. The album is filled with, as the name suggest, a Morley favorite, the ARP2600. Andrea Parker is an electronic musician and a DJ. For more on her go here. The album took about 4 years to make.

My favorite video here is his tips and tricks on CV gates. Make sure you check them all out below.

TIPS & TRICKS: David Morley (producer) – Synth collection

TIPS & TRICKS: David Morley (producer) – Arp 2600

TIPS & TRICKS: David Morley (producer) – Basic schakeling

TIPS & TRICKS: David Morley (producer) – CV/Gate

BTW, I found out about these videos on one of my favorite sites


One thought on “Synthesizer Candy: David Morley & His Massive Synthesizer Collection

  1. Thanks for mentioning this!
    Concerning the Buchla synths, a house purchase meant I sold a few things. Still, I like to think it’s not just the gear that helps! I mainly use the ARP 2600 and Polyfusion now. Part of trying to cut down was also to help me become more productive. I doubt I’ll ever be a minimalist, but too much isn’t a good thing.
    David Morley

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