The iPhone Photo Chronicles: Simian Mobile Disco (Vancouver 2011)

I got an invite to go see Simian Mobile Disco this past Tuesday. It was a late show, but I couldn’t pass up the offer.

Before the show there were several people talking about the new light show SMD would have. “The Honeycomb” is what people were calling it. I gotta say, if you were getting slightly wavy, it was simply an awesome sight to see. I bet that took about 2-3 hours to set-up and break down for sure.

SMD played a fantastic set. The more upbeat tracks driving the crowd into a great frenzy for a Tuesday night show. The sound coming out the PA was also impressive this time…not too muddy and not too distorted! It was good to see that Venue got rid of that horrible lighting over the dance floor too. Though, why did you close off the top floor, folks? Honestly? There was plenty of squelching and belching coming from the synthesizers that night. Whether it was coming from their modular rack or the legendary Korg MS-20 monophonic synthesizer. They really put the resonant filter on the Korg MS-20 through its paces. Shaw was tweaking it all night long.

One of my favorite moments was when I was talking to a friend about Simon Lord and how I had seen them open for Squarepusher in Seattle a few years back. I saw them at the very hip Chop Suey. Then, at that moment, Simon Lord’s voice kicked in over the PA and SMD kicked into a great rendition of I Believe. What a great vocalist, that Simon guy is.

Simian Mobile Disco from back of Venue

Side View of Simian Mobile Disco modular synthesizer rack

Simian Mobile Disco modular synthesizer (Seeing Green)

Simian Mobile Disco (Centerstage)

Simian Mobile Disco

A Good View of modular synthesizer rack

Simian Mobile Disco (Seeing Blue)


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