The iPhone Photo Chronicles: Diamond Rings at the Biltmore (March 15th, 2011) Vancouver

Androgyny is back. Maybe it never really went away. Either way, John O’Regan may have stumbled on to a winning formula with his synthesizer, guitar and drum machine based pop songs. I’m sure you could make the David Bowie comparisons. You’ll probably see the words glam rock come up too. Maybe that time he spent in the hospital was all he needed to get this Diamond Rings thing going. In the end, it’s the songs that made me take notice. Check out Diamond Rings, Special Affections LP.

Diamond Rings Tuning Up

Diamond Rings Live Set

From The Weekly LP & Singles Platter, Please!…

Diamond Rings-Special Affections
I saw Diamond Rings perform on Friday night at the Biltmore Cabaret, which has easily become one of my favorite places to watch a show. But, would someone please raise that stage a few inches? Good friends of mine got me a ticket. They new I would like it. I think they might know me well. I was also given the album and was quite impressed with this album. I was very excited to see him perform. I didn’t know much about him then. Actually, I still don’t know much about this artist. Except that I would highly recommend you get to a club, bar or festival where he is playing and check him out. His set features a MIDI controller, Mac laptop running Ableton Live, a Roland drum pad and his guitar. Doesn’t sound like much, but even with all his silly Hipster regalia and makeup, I was floored. I was impressed at the screaming women. I was inspired by the vibe at the Biltmore that night. The fine folks at mentioned something about the mixed crowd as evidence that he is making a deep impact across many genres, and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks Jenny for the ticket and thank you Jake for this album. Very good stuff, friends. Have fun in Portland.


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