Circuit Bending with Peaking Lights (Part 1 & 2) from Soundbuilders

Husband and wife team, Peaking Lights walk the folks over at through their circuit bent scraps of lo-fi gear. You have to admire the idea of musicians re-purposing the electronic waste of consumers. Check it out…

part 1

part 2

Our new series Soundbuilders travels to Madison, Wisconsin to visit Peaking Lights, a married musical duo famed for their pulsating looped-rhythm tracks composed on re-purposed scraps, stereos, and lo-fi gear. We watch as husband and wife prepare for tour by paring their studio down to the bare essentials needed to produce Peaking Lights distinctive sound.

Do you build your own instruments? Would you like to have your very own Sound Builders episode? You’re in luck:

Watch more Sound Builders at

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