Korg to Unveil the Monotribe (Analogue Ribbon Station) Synthesizer

The teasers have been popping up on my Korg iElectribe & iMS-20 splash page for a few days now. However, the leak is starting to spread across the web. The note says April 6th, but already the news is spreading like wildfire and we thought we’d let you in! Looks like we have an analogue little beast with what looks like a step sequencer and a similar ribbon style keypad to the Korg Monotron. Also looks you will be able to create some type of noise, analog bass drums, snares, hi-hats and of course the legendary Korg MS-20 resonant filter. Doesn’t look like we’re talking about an Electribe, but rather something completely analog. Nice! We’ll tell you more about the specifications once we learn more about the Korg Monotribe (Analogue Ribbon Station).

This news came in to us courtesy of Chris Carter

There are no features on Korg.com just yet either. Stay tuned.


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