Korg Monotribe (Analog Ribbon Station) Synthesizer

Analog Synth + Analog Rhythm + Step Sequencer = Analog Electribe. The monotribe Analog Ribbon Station – bringing responsive realtime control to analog groove-making.

Monotribe highlights:

-The powerful sound of true analog synthesis
-3-part analog drums, using discrete analog circuitry
-Popular Electribe-style sequencing.
-Active Step and Flux features for realtime dynamic loop manipulation
-Advanced multi-function ribbon keyboard; Chromatic, Continuous, & Wide modes
-Auto-tuning provides stable pitch for accurate chromatic playability
-Selectable oscillator waveform, noise generator, and versatile LFO
-Uses the same VCF (filter) circuit as the classic MS-10/MS-20
-Sync In & Out jacks allows synchronized integration with multiple units
-Battery operation, built-in speaker and compact size deliver on-the-go groove-making

In a world seemingly ruled by digital, Korg created an analog sensation with the palm-sized monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer. Korg has once again raised the analog banner with the amazing monotribe Analog Ribbon Station; a new form of synthesizer that packs an amazing array of features and technology into its compact body. Korg’s monotribe shares the monotron’s analog DNA, yet quickly delves deeper into the rich, organic, and often chaotic world of analog synthesis. In addition to analog synthesis, monotribe brings together intuitive ease of use and a three-part discrete analog rhythm section, plus the proven appeal of Electribe-style sequencing. Complete with a built-in speaker and battery power, monotribe is self-contained and highly portable.

Operating Temperature:
0 – +40°C (non-condensing conditions)

Ribbon keyboard

Sound Generator:
Analog synthesis VCO: Waveshape (Saw, Triangle, Square); Octave Range (64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2); Noise Generator (Amount); Key Range (Wide, Narrow, Key)
VCF: 12 dB/Oct Low Pass Filter; Cutoff (Frequency); Peak (Resonance)
VCA: Gain knob: EG Select (Decay, Gate, Attack)
LFO: Rate (Speed); Intensity (Depth); Target Switch (VCO, VCF, VCO+VCF); Mode Switch (Fast, Slow, 1-Shot); Shape (Saw, Triangle, Square)

3 parts, discrete analog

8 steps

Audio In: 3.5mm / ?” stereo mini-phone jack
Output: 6.3mm / ¼” stereo phone jack (unbalanced)
Headphones: 3.5mm / ?” stereo mini-phone jack
Sync In Jack: 3.5mm / ?” stereo mini-phone jack
Maximum input level: 20V
Sync Out Jack: 3.5mm / ?” stereo mini-phone jack
Output level: 5V

Power Supply:
AA/LR6 alkaline battery (x6)
AA nickel-metal hydride battery (x6)
Optional AC adapter (DC: 9V)

Battery Life:
Approximately 14 hours (when using alkaline batteries)

Dimensions (W x D x H):
207 x 145 x 70mm/8.15 x 5.71 x 2.76 inches

735g / 1.62 lbs. (without batteries)

Included items:
AA alkaline batteries for verifying operation;
Owner’s Manual

* Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.


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