Holy Ghost! Wait And See (Video) From Their Self Titled LP

From DFA Records, New York City duo Holy Ghost! are at it again with their latest video Wait And See from their self titled LP. A good friend of mine had this up on his Facebook wall and well, I thought I’d post it here. Holy Ghost! have been making some tasty electropop for quite sometime and this is a nice one too add to that already long list.

The video…They look weathered and beat down in this video, don’t they?! It seems like all that time on the road and in their native New York has caught up with them. Nonetheless, they look like stars. That Barista looks familiar doesn’t he now. Make of that what you will. There are some nice shots of their studio too. I think I saw a Roland SH-101 synthesizer and their synthesizers.com modular. Check it out.

From the Holy Ghost! Self-Titled LP. Directed by Ben Fries. Produced by Dead Horse Films.

Holy Ghost! are Nick Millhiser & Alex Frankel


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