Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti (CarterTutti) Talk Collaboration & More at Mute Short Circuit Festival

There is no way I could talk about the artist featured at Mute Short Circuit without talking about a couple of my favorite artists; Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti. It would be too odd, really! I just wont have it. Over the years I have grown increasingly fond of these artist and though I’ve never met them, their approach to sound and production has played a huge role in the direction I have taken with my music and my research. They are for me, one of the most important collectives (Throbbing Gristle) to have emerged over the past few decades. Sure, Kraftwerk are and were the inspiration for synth-pop artist everywhere. You can’t deny that. I don’t think many people would. However, I believe all the offshoots of TG are responsible for inspiring much of the darker side of electronic based music. They have always defied all norms. Even when they were doing their more synth pop based music (Chris & Cosey).

As I am writing this, I wonder what Sleazy would’ve done at this festival. Oh dear, I sense a Coil & The Threshold Houseboys Choir marathon coming on!… Form Grows Rampant playing…NOW!

CarterTutti [Chris & Cosey] Female Artists & Mute Records

CarterTutti on Chris & Cosey at The Mute Short Circuit Festival


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