Gareth Jones Talks Synthesizers, Producing & Mixing (Mute Short Circuit-2011)

Gareth Jones is another producer that has been involved with many of the albums I have admired over the years. In 1980 he joined John Foxx to make Metamatic. You know how much I love that album, right!? Later, he would join Daniel Miller and Depeche Mode at Hansa Studios, in Berlin, to work on some of their early albums like Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward. Whether it was as a remixer, engineer or producer he has been involved with some amazing artist over the years.

In this video Gareth Jones talks to Tara Busch and covers quite a bit of ground with lots of enthusiasm! Jones also talks about Schneiders Bureau and the vast selection to be had at the Berlin synthesizer boutique. He also talks about Anywhere Instruments, Tinysizer.

Check it out…

Mute Short Circuit – With Producer Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Wire and Erasure)

Here is another great video I found from Red Bull. Gareth comes across as one charming and amicable man. He talks about Emmy the Great of course. What I liked here is his commentary about listening and producing an album the way the artist wants. Check out this great musician & producer…

Gareth Jones – The Producers music documentary series – Episode 2 with Emmy the Great

You can also visit his site here.


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