Light Shines Brighter in the Dark With Nintendo DS Lite & Korg DS-10

I found this on the Korg DS-10 Facebook page and liked it. Also, the view looks amazing in the photo. Check it out.

From Youtube:

This was one of the many songs that i wrote while i was away in Peru.

The music is made 100% using a Nintendo DS Lite and Korgs DS-10 software, the DS was recorded in one go with no post processing (e.g. EQing or compression) and the vocals were recorded by me using Ableton Live.
The whole thing was then limited to a normal level.

This is the slowest, softest song ive made on a DS and the first time i have sung and shown people the outcome… go easy on me. – please go there and listen to what i make, some on DS some on my laptop and Ableton Live

Photo taken by Megan Mcfall about 3600 meters above sea level at lake Llanganuco in the Andes mountains in Peru.


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