Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Got Tickets & Spinning LPs! On Tour (2011)

OMD is coming to North America.

I just purchased my tickets for Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in concert. I’m really excited. I know most people I know tend to get most excited about new music. I get excited about new albums all the time. Especially, the ones made by veteran musicians I admire. However, when they are bands that bring me back to my pre-teen and teenage years, my level of excitement tends to go up…way up!

Below are the albums I have been playing all day. I started the marathon when I purchased my tickets. These LP’s also happen to be my favorite OMD records. The first 3 on the list are slightly less commercial. They feature the un-techie Korg Micro-Preset for starters as well as some other analog gems like the Korg MS-20 and Roland SH-2 monophonic synthesizers. Those albums are also filled with lots of synthesizers and analog goodness.

By the time Crush and Junk Culture were released OMD were deep into the Fairlight CMI and their EMU Emulators (samplers), and perhaps less into the analog synthesizer, but I still think they were making some good very records then. Crush was one among the early LP’s I purchased. It was released in 1985 and I purchased it with my allowance money. The others I purchased after playing Crush repeatedly for months and wanting to hear more. I remember there was a great record buyer at Odyssey Records on Las Vegas Boulevard that would order them for me. The only record shop I know of that was open 24 hours a day. Actually, I remember this record buyer would special order most of my records and cassettes. It didn’t hurt that he lived across the street from me. I sort of idolized him a little too cause he was much older than me. He was the only record shop employee that would treat a young kid like me like the serious record buyer, which I was!

My Favorite OMD LP’s:
1.Organisation (1980)
2.Architecture & Morality (1981)
3.Dazzle Ships (1983)
4.Crush (1985)

Andy McCluskey (OMD) talks about Enola Gay


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