Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi Present Rome – Season’s Trees (ft. Norah Jones)

You get Danger Mouse, Italian composer Daniele Luppi, Norah Jones & Jack White all one album. Just the thought of that list right there, sounds like you would get something very interesting from their output. Rome will not fail to impress. Throw in the fact that they recorded it in Rome and my attraction grew exponentially. Think about the fact that they secured some of the very musicians from those fantastic spaghetti westerns, the ones that they drew inspiration from. Then, they went around Rome looking for some of those original instruments used in those movie scores. That they paid the owners of said instruments with bottles of wines and well, all of it just adds to the charm of this album. Did I mention that they also recorded in the studio in which some of these recordings were made? The same studio used by one; Ennio Morricone for some of the Sergio Leone films and others. They recorded it all straight to 2 inch analog tape too. That’s right, I can’t wait to hear this on vinyl.

I was full of curiosity when I purchased this album this past weekend. I’ve liked it so much, it’s been on steady rotation for a while on my iPod. Here is one of the tracks that has been getting a lot of airplay. This features the vocals of one Norah Jones and the low end provided by a favorite during these sessions, the Fender VII bass guitar.

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi present Rome – Season’s Trees (ft. Norah Jones)


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