Micronaut Experimenting With EMS Synthi AKS: Trapezoid

Chris Randall always has some tasty experimental jams to share with us on Youtube. This is just 1 of many. He always has some delicious gear too.

Make sure you check out more. For now, here you go…

From Youtube:

More Micronaut music at http://micronaut.bandcamp.com

No DAW, no MIDI, no computer. Entire track clocked from a single Doepfer LFO. If you’re listening to this on laptop speakers, you’re only hearing about half of it.

Synthi AKS (with no AKS, obviously.)
Doepfer LFO, Intellijel uStep, Makenoise Réne
Korg MaxiKorg, MS-20, and a MonoTribe for the drums
Eventide TimeFactor, circuit-bent BOSS RRV-10, and Roland Space Echo for effects.

Recorded to TASCAM TSR-8 tape deck.

We like tape goodness.


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