Teenage Engineering Update OP-1 Firmware (OS #12234)

I just found out about this, but looks like some new updates to the Teenage Engineering OP-1 firmware. Upon closer inspection, looks like some much needed bug fixes, the LFO gets a boost in functionality, and a bunch of other little goodies in the current OS too. Well, now I know what I will be doing this weekend. For more information on the new updates go here.

EDIT: The original video was removed. So, in the meantime here is another one.

OS Update

The new updates:

  • Added Edit Hold using shift for Drums, nice when sequencers are running.
  • Negative LFO Amount enabled.
  • Higher resolution on LFO Amount knob.
  • Mic gain +10dB added, +40dB removed.
  • Better visualization around loop points in the Drum and Synth Sampler.
  • Enable Tape Rew & FF in the Mixer screen.
  • Battery Low indication could be triggered incorrectly. Fixed.
  • When receiving external MIDI and changing patch a error message could be triggered. Fixed.
  • In Ctrl Mode the VU Leds could be active. Fixed.
  • There could be missing text in the presetbrowser. Fixed.
  • Added Defragmenter for changed files in Disc Mode.
    External processing of the Tape files should now be doable. We are using the REGN chunk format for the Clips, if the REGN data is kept consistent editing is possible.
  • The lowest bit sent to the codec was not output correctly. Fixed.
  • Suppressed noise further under conditions when having a USB ground loop.
  • Added a switch in Com->Opt to disable USB charging for use if experiencing ground loop noise.
    If the OP-1 turns off due to an empty battery the switch will be reset to Charging. In Power Off mode with USB connected the OP-1 will charge regardless of this switch.
  • Dropping a Clip past the end of the Tape would trigger a error message. Fixed.
  • Tape Solo did not override Tape Mute. Fixed.

Teenage Engineering OP-1


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