A Tutorial For the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer & OpLab Sneak Peek…

Fresh off of the Ohpeewon.com forums, here is a nice video tutorial for newbies to the Teenage Engineering OP-1.

Like the Akai MPC forums, it’s the users and community around instruments and products that make it all worthwhile and engaging. I’m new to the Ohpeewon community, but always good to see such support from the people that really matter. Kudos to DJ Thomas White for putting this together.

Also, I’ve got my finger on the purchase trigger for the recently unveiled OpLab interface.  This all in one interface to sync your CV, MIDI and Sync 24 devices is quite appealing. Yes, 2012 is sizing up to be a year filled with gear purchases for some or all of us!

Technical Specifications:

USB IN and OUT x 2. Plus one Micro USB. Oplab can act as Host unit.
CV IN or any Analogue INPUT
CV OUT or any Analogue OUTPUT
Program selection switch


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