Node: Flood, Ed Buller, Gary Stout and Dave Bessell in the Studio (2012)

As a record buying teenager, seeing Flood aka Mark Ellis’ name on an LP, was just as important as some of the labels we were interested in. We would talk about a Flood produced album the same way we would mention Mute, Factory, Industrial and later Warp Records too.

I recently got my hands on the first Node LP. We’re talking 1995-96! It started when I pulled out an old Future Music (FM 39), which featured a Node interview. The complete-ist in me had to find that missing album. After all, it’s an album that features one of my all-time musical heroes. Thank heavens for being able to buy from UK retailers through

As I understand it, the original tracks were created and recorded straight to DAT tape. There were some minimal overdubs. The LP is also based on the performances that happened one day at Paddington Station, London during travelers daily commute.

I was also more than overjoyed when I noticed that Node-featuring Gary Stout, Ed Buller, Dave Bessell and Flood are in the studio in 2012. Yes, my excitement level is rising!

Check out that Roland System 700 modular synthesizer which made its way onto many of the albums we have all grown to love over the years. I know he used the System 700 on some of those much loved Depeche Mode albums too. I also spy an Oberheim Xpander synthesizer in the photos. I know that has been a long time favorite for Flood and mentioned by Trent Reznor as a synthesizer he grew to love more because of Floods ability to program it so well during their sessions together.

Flood with Roland System 700 modular synthesizer and Oberheim Xpander

For a good interview/article on Node check out Sound On Sound here.

Also, make sure to check out this great video interview conducted by the lovely Tara Busch(Mute: Short Circuit), featured here at The Synthesizer Book

Finally, to learn more about this upcoming album visit Node here.


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