Benge Demonstrates: Controlling Buchla 225e with Teenage Engineering OP-1 (Tambola Sequencer)

Check out this great quick little video of Benge using his newly acquired Teenage Engineering OP-1. He mentions purchasing it from Alessandro, and by this I gather he means Alessandro Cortini!? Using his laptop as an interface he demonstrates the quirky and fun Tambola sequencer in the OP-1 to control his Buchla 225e modular synthesizer. And, yes, I agree the OP-1 is definitely not a toy!

From his blog:
Just prior to packing all my stuff up ready for my return to London I wanted to try controlling the Buchla from my new Teenage Engineering OP-1 which I bought off Alessandro the other day. Its a beautiful little workstation, and even though it looks like a toy it most certainly is not. I hooked it up to my laptop with the USB cable, then from the laptop out to the Buchla 225e. I’ll post more on the OP-1 I’m sure, but for now heres a very abstract ‘proof of concept’ video.

For more on Benge(one of my heros), and his delicious collection of synthesizers galore, make sure to check out his blog here.


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