Bibio (Warp Records) Pushing the Filters in the Studio and Garden with his EMU SP-1200

I have no idea what “Filter House” is. Except that maybe it’s House music with an emphasis on the filter?! Doesn’t really matter to me though. I was enjoyed listening to his Hand Cranked and Ambivalence Avenue LP’s. Which by the way, are 2 great albums worth a listen if you haven’t done so already. Also, having gotten rid of my EMU Sp-1200 sampler some years back, I got a bit nostalgic when watching these videos. My favorite is the “Sampling in the Garden” video. Behind me is a beautiful sunny day probably wondering why I’m indoors instead of outside basking in the Sun. Enjoy!

1.Bibio – Sunday Evening Filter House

From Youtube:
Sequencing the SP1200 via MIDI and jamming on the mixing desk. Great fun. All the samples & beat are coming from the SP. FX: Akai MFC42 analogue filter, Boss DD7 delay and Moog phaser.

2.Bibio – Saturday Evening Choppage

3.Bibio – Sampling in the Garden…

From Youtube
Sunshine in England is precious, so when the weather is fine it feels sinful to be cooped up in a studio, I’m very lucky to have the choice, so why not choose?

When the weather is fine, I like to take a few bits of gear outside and enjoy being creative in a different environment, plus there are all sorts of other sounds to explore outdoors, and in this case, sample.

A quick video of me making beats entirely out of recordings of objects found in the garden. No previously recorded samples were used.

Capturing sounds with a vintage Sennheiser MD-21 microphone, then using the EMU SP1200 for its inimitable fidelity, then resampled and sequenced on an Akai MPC 5000.

Videoed by Bibio on a Canon 5D mkii.

Bibio’s second album for Warp ‘Mind Bokeh’ is out now. Click here for a free download track from the LP entitled-Lovers’ Carving.


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