R.I.P. Gérard Pelletier (1952-2013), Synth-Pop Icon of Deux

I was quite saddened to read about the passing of Gérard Pelletier (Deux).  I didn’t know much about him a few years back. However, the re-releases of Deux material on Minimal Wave Records label quickly became a favorite of ours.  In a very short time we fell in love with the music of Deux.  Their music sounds so much like it could have easily been created today.  Yes, it does sound timeless.  I could not resist the beauty & near synth-pop perfection of Decadence especially tracks like Paris/Orly, Felicita, Dance With Me and Game and Performance.  I quickly became a fan, and am thankful of the great music he was able to leave for us to enjoy. R.I.P. Gérard.

Excerpt from Minimal Wave:

When asked about Deux several years ago, Gérard recalled, “I was in Germany when I heard Kraftwerk for the first time. It was a revelation for me… and I thought “I want to make electronic music” ! A month later, I took the train to Strasbourg with the intention of buying a synthesizer and I found my first electronic machine, a Kawai made of metal and wood. It was a sound research machine, not very easy to use but I found it very powerful to create my own sounds. I began to sing with other friends of mine every Saturday night and so started the beginning of what would become Deux. In 1979, I decided to leave Germany and return to France. I found a work place in Lyon (the 2nd largest city in France). I was also working on my music every weekend but I was alone. Then one day, I met Cati and I spoke with that magical girl about music the entire night. Deux was born”

For more visit  Minimal Wave


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