Electronic Sound (The voltage controlled music magazine) Out Now! @ElectronicMagUK

Electronic Sound (The voltage controlled music magazine)

As a large consumer of all things electronic, I’m always eager to read different perspectives on all things voltage controlled. I was a big fan of that special issue of Electronic magazine release last year. I was wondering what had happened to the magazine. I thought maybe it was a one off situation and was left wanting more.

Well, they’re back and with a format that is sure to resonate with the Futurist in all of us. The magazine is currently only available for the iPad via the iTunes app store, but I’m sure with this type of content, they will expand to other formats very soon. For those of you that can and do have an iPad, don’t pass up the chance to read this magazine.

I am a much bigger fan of tactile things. So, a paper based magazine seemed more logical to my sensibilities. That is what some of you nostalgic lot might say too. Still, in the end, what I care about most is the content and right here it is well worth it.

You’ll be scrolling down, sideways, and consuming sound and video along with the articles within. All in all, I enjoyed the entire interactive experience of this premiere issue of Electronic Sound (The voltage controlled music magazine).

I got this yesterday and consumed it almost entirely in one sitting. Truth be told, they had me at the cover story with Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk. Still, the rest of it wont disappoint at all. Just take a look at that cover and make your own deductions.

Makers of Electronic magazine launch one fantastic interactive magazine for your iPad. Absolutely brilliant!

Electronic Sound is a new UK-based magazine dedicated to the very best in electronic music. We’ve drawn a line through the entire history of electronica and we’re intent on finding new ways to join the dots. Each month, we’ll features weighty interviews, in-depth reviews, great photography, and lots of video and audio clips. Tune in and oscillate!

For more information on this awesome magazine click here



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