LEVpodcast featuring Robert Lippok LIVE (L.E.V. 2012)

Check out this live performance of Robert Lippok (of To Rococo Rot fame) live at L.E.V.(Laboratory of Visual Electronica) Festival. This was recorded in 2012.

Take a listen and if you are a fan of Robert Lippok like I most certainly am, you will enjoy this.

You will more than likely recognize many of these tracks. The performance starts out with a version of Unfold from his Redspuperstructure LP(2011) and builds from there. You can definitely hear the Yamaha Tenori-On on there. Enjoy!

Total running time: 51:21

About L.E.V.
Stands for Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual or, in English, Laboratory of Visual Electronica, is a project that tries to show a panoramic, eclectic and qualitative vision of the ample spectrum of current genres that come from connecting visual arts and electronic music.

A physical and ephemeral space, concerned specifically with four themes: the natural synergy between image and sound, the live presentation, the relationship established between audience, artist connection and public space, and the new artistic tendencies that constantly emerge on a global level.

L.E.V., co-produced by Principado de Asturias Goverment, LABoral’s Centre of Art and Industrial Creation and Datatron 0x3F, honors by its acronym to Lev Thermen.

For more on L.E.V. go here.


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