Dicken Schrader & His Cover Band-DMK Do Depeche Mode’s, Everything Counts (Dad & His Kids)

This great little video came to via one of my colleagues. All I can say about it is that brought a warm feeling to my heart and a big whopping smile too. You can bet I’m going home and sharing this with my 2 sons tonight. The fact that this was done with a few toy bits and some improvisation makes it all the more endearing to me. Anyway, its a super awesome little performance that should inspire the cynic in all of us. Don’t lie! You know it will Enjoy…

From dailypicksandflicks.com:
Colombian video artist Dicken Schrader and his kids, Milah and Korben, cover Depeche Mode’s Everything Counts on a xylophone, an old Yamaha keyboard and a bunch of homemade improvised instruments. The best thing you will see today, guaranteed!

Also check out another one by the same trio below. This one is chock full black regalia and some Gothic makeup too boot and a cool melodica performance too…


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