After 19 Years Of Waiting, Node Release A Modular Synthesizer Gem: Node 2

Last month I ordered the new Node 2 album from Science With Synthesizers. I think this one is even better than the first. Though, that might be simply because I waited 19 years for this one! So, was it worth the wait? Absolutely.


Songs like The Traveller and Dark Beneath the Earth in particular resonated with me. The band known as Node or the project known as Node, whichever way you slice it, is comprised of Flood, Ed Buller, Mel Wesson & Dave Bessell. Trust me, its a legendary lineup if I may say so. Did I mention this recording is most definitely worth the wait? Of course I did.

node (dragged)
Flood pictured above

I’m blogging about this now because I just finished reading a great article in the May issue of Sound On Sound magazine.

For those of you that are into modular synthesizers or these great producers/artists, this is a must for your collection.


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