My Brief Thoughts On Bernard Sumner’s Book: Chapter And Verse [New Order, Joy Division and me]

bernard sumner chapter and verse book

I had to special order this book from the UK. I just couldn’t wait to read this when it became available in North America. In just a few days I devoured every page. This is an absolutely quick and brilliant read.

It’s about time Bernard chimed in with his historical version of his youth, life in Joy Division, New Order, Electronic,etc. I loved the mystique surrounding the band while they were the soundtrack to much of my youth. Although, I enjoyed finally being able to see behind Bernard Sumner’s curtain too.

I’ve read some reviews about a lack of coverage of certain New Order albums in this book. Of course as a lifelong fan, I wanted more. As a fan you always want more. Especially, all the work in the 1980’s for me. Nonetheless, there is plenty here for old fans and new.

If you are looking for the most comprehensive book on New Order and Joy Division you might not get it here. There are plenty of books on the subject of the JD & No. Also, there is a world wide web on which to start too. For me, when someone (Bernard Sumner) has stayed away from the limelight for so long, getting a concentrated focus in a book like this is a very positive thing for any fan.

New Order will forever be a band of 4 beautiful music makers to me. As a realist I know the original four member lineup seems unlikely any time soon. So, I choose to take comfort in all of their past work instead. I look forward to all of their output in the present and future regardless. Whether it’s a collaboration, side project or solo work, I will forever be a fanboy.

My nine year old son can now claim that one of his first concerts was New Order. The first concert he went to was Kraftwerk just a week before. The fact that he saw it with me?…yep, it’s the sweetest perfection.

For the synthesizer heads reading this and wanting some insight on the gear, you will undoubtedly find quite a bit of it in this book too. From Joy Division’s “no-synths” attitude, to how it became a vital part of their sound.

Get it. Read it. Dig it.


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